Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A chance to be creative...

Guys!  I have a favour to ask.  I'm looking for some ideas for post topics, so I'd like you to tell me what kind of articles you like to read, the kind of posts you like to see, the most interesting places to visit on your blogroll - anything you can think of to challenge me to write about! (and I really do mean anything, might as well make it interesting...)  Writing is something I've not done much of since school, and I have a few ideas of my own, but I'd also like to hear other people's opinions and requests.

While I like taking outfit pics and blethering about random day trips, there's only so much material I can get from the same old wardrobe and the sights of my local area (believe it or not, sometimes I just stay in pjs and watch tv all day, and there's not a lot I can say about that other than it's insanely lazy awesome!).  So get your thinking caps on and leave me a comment below, or feel free to tweet me.

Thanks in advance!



  1. some photos of your nylon toes plz xxxxx

  2. Um, I can pass on nylon toes myself, but I bet you could make a great post out of the joys of sitting around in your pyjamas.

    It's odd, I don't usually like outfit posts, but your writing reads like a *real* person so I enjoy the little snippets of that in between the pictures.

    I'm always rubbish at answering this question. :/