Friday, 25 July 2014

A trip to Aberdour Castle

Our latest stop on our Historic Scotland Summer of Castles tour (that's what I'm calling this summer now.  It's valid.) was Aberdour in Fife.  Fun fact - Alison was just there too, and she was wearing the top she made from fabric I swapped her!  I wish we'd timed it so we could have been there together, what a funny coincidence.  It was beautiful the day we went, so a picnic was in order.  It was the day after the photography workshop and I had my camera in hand the whole day, testing all my settings again!  I think Parsnip knew what I was up to because he normally hates getting his picture taken but he was being such a poser this day.  We had a great walk around the gardens and castle, one of the oldest in Scotland.  The gardens especially were lovely, really colourful and neat, and it was SO. WARM. which made for a fab time.  We only ended up here because we had plans to do a car boot sale then slept in - I very much support our tired bodies in this decision...

I'll leave you with a collage of what happens when you try to take a selfie with a restless dog...


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Loving him was red...

blazer - Long Tall Sally
vest - charity shop
jeans - Long Tall Sally
shoes - Converse
I've been wearing this style a lot lately - skinny jeans, vest, blazer.  It's perfect for going to work early when the weather is still cool but means I won't overheat when I'm leaving in the hot afternoons.  I found the top in a charity shop for £1.50 a few weeks ago - I've been looking for the perfect black vest for ages, and this reminded me of my favourite white vest so I had to have it.  Although my bargain of the week/month/year has to be Saturday's top find.  A navy cashmere jumper for £1.85!  If you've been around here long enough you'll know half my wardrobe is navy, and a large part is menswear and/or oversize.  This ticks all the boxes!  I can't wait to wear it with my new red jeans in the autumn.  Mother's been on washing duty and she did a great job (I can't be trusted around anything out of the ordinary...), so I'll definitely be modelling it here soon.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Replenishing the bookshelf...

I'm moving in one week.  To a CITY.  Where I have never lived before and barely know my way around.  I'm very excited!  But.  This means I've had to surrender my beloved library books, since I don't really want to drive back down here to return them.  Last week I popped in to the library to pick up a book or two anyway, thinking I'd be finished reading them in time, and lo and behold, they had a book sale on.  Problem solved!  Well, to an extent.  There was a good choice but I really had to dig to find anything interesting enough to spend a whole 40p on.  I think I did ok though.

I picked up Watch Me Disappear, The Palace of Strange Girls and The Glass House in the library book sale.  I'd heard of none of them before but they all sound interesting from the blurb.  The Palace is set in 1959 which is when Mother was born, so I liked that.  I found the other two at the charity shop on Saturday.  My friend was buying Circus Shoes and couldn't believe I'd never read Ballet Shoes, so when we found a copy I had to get it.  I also found one of my favourite books to make her read (Oystercatchers by Susan Fletcher, since you asked), and since it was three for £1, and since I was all 'Richard Madeley wrote a book?!', I chose Some Day I'll Find You to round off my pile.

Has anyone read these?  I need opinions!


Sunday, 20 July 2014

A trip to the fair

The day after the photography workshop, Tam and I went to the fair at Burntisland.  (We also went to another castle, look out for those pics soon!)  I was dying to try out all my new skills and the bright, bustling fairground seemed like the perfect place.  It was pretty busy but I think I managed to get some cool shots.  And yes, Tam won a minion!  Not one of those ones though, they were impossible...


Friday, 18 July 2014

Recent Awesomeness #4

I was killing time waiting for Tam's train to get in last week and accidentally wandered into the Clarks sale.  I don't think I've owned shoes from here since I was a kid but I was delighted to find these brogues reduced after hunting all winter for the perfect pair.  They were there all along!  And at half the price too.  I also picked up some black loafers (here - now £20!), another thing I struggled to find last year thanks to my fussy feet and fussy taste in shoes.  I'm on the fence about these ones - I love the style but they're very flat, rather unlike most of my other shoes...

I just rediscovered this picture - I totally forgot to share it before now.  It's a knitted haggis!  Spotted at a local fair.  I really want to make one...

Speaking of fairs...Tam had his birthday a few weeks ago and it fell on the local fair weekend, so it was balloon central at his house.  Especially after Tam's mum bought me this minion one...  We decided the tiny knitted mouse at work needed an accessory, so the Lego folk kindly shared a top hat.

 I'm still on the bruscetta kick!  It will never end!

The ultimate bargain last week - five issues of The Knitter for £1 in the library book sale!  Considering these usually retail at £5.99 EACH, you can guess how quickly I snatched them up...

I got new red jeans (here) in York's Long Tall Sally.  I've wanted red jeans for as long as I can remember and I'm so pleased to finally have a pair.  They're the same style as my polka dot ones but in a slightly stretchy fabric, so no losing their shape...hopefully!