Friday, 17 January 2014

A trip to America - Disneyland

Disneyland was somewhere I'd wanted to visit for a long time, having been to the Florida parks numerous times over the years.  I must admit to being slightly disappointed over the scale of the place, but then Florida has obviously had a lot more investment put into it, being more of a central tourist location for the European market.  We had a great time anyway - it was Disney after all!  The Christmas decorations had just been erected when we visited, always my favourite time of year to go.  Mother loved the Nemo submarine ride (in which I had a mild panic attack when I realised you got sealed in a small space and went underwater.  Shudder.) and my favourite was good old Pirates of the Caribbean, although I did get a bit excited over standing where Walt Disney stood in those old pictures of the entrance.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

At Christmas

At Christmas my cousin painted my nails and I wore a jumper with a drunken penguin on the front.

At Christmas there were sheep napkins and Totoro and a fluffy sheep and many many toiletry shaped gifts.

At Christmas Tam grew a beard, got a new jumper and looked like a sexy farmer.

At Christmas there was a reindeer wearing pompoms.

At Christmas some Maltesers were spilled that Parsnip went nuts over - or so I'm told.

At Christmas there was family and laughing and twinkly lights and many Bacardi and orange juices.

It was magic.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The end of 2013 Challenge

a Boxing Day walk on the west coast
It's fair to say that as my life got busier towards the end of the year, the Challenge was pushed to the wayside a bit.  There were a few more that I completed that I never got round to blogging about - here's a bit of a list below...

Have an early night with a good book - I know I did this in the winter months near the beginning but I intended to repeat the process a few more times.  Life got in the way of reading a bit too often last year and I'm feeling the need to change that this year.

Write a letter to your past self -  I wrote this pretty easily - once I started the past just came pouring out - but it turned into a depressing, almost warning letter to my past self not to become the person I am now, so I ripped it up and never started again...

Try a food you hated as a child - As a child I hated most food, so even my present fussy self is a dream compared to how I was as a pre-teen!  I tried and failed to make myself like bananas (the texture and smell is just gross to me) and I tried a bunch of new foods, some good some bad.

Spend a day in your pyjamas - Yeah... I do this far too often.  I'm actually surprised I got dressed as much as I did last year...

Send an anonymous gift -  Sarah received a bag full of pompoms in the post a few months ago so I did a terrible job of making myself anonymous ;)

Create something (anything!) - I created lots this year!  My biggest challenge was making my brother and his girlfriend a massive quilt for Christmas in only three weeks - I did it but man it was a stressful time!  Good thing I work well under pressure...  I also managed the board game, friendship braceletscushion covers and some robot clothing, as well as all my knitted goodies.  I definitely developed my love for knitting more last year so expect to see more of it around these parts.

Have a movie day - Pretty much every day is a movie day at my house...  Last year I watched 365, my personal best, and completed a personal challenge.

Give an abandoned hobby another go - I tried my hand at some drawing in the summer - I was one of the arty kids at school and into college but I've hardly picked up a pencil since then, so it was fun giving it another go.  I definitely need to keep practising though.

Try a new exercise I took up 30 Day Shred, which I loved but I got thrown off when I went on holiday and never quite went back to it.  I started again the other day and I'm determined to transform my fitness regime soon.

Discover new music - I came across Birdy, Gabrielle Aplin and Bastille, and obsessed over the Les Miserables and Sunshine on Leith soundtracks.  Tam and I are still singing all those Proclaimers songs months later!

Get rid of five things you no longer loveI was actually aiming for 365 things for this one but after a final clear out last week I made it to 306 I think.  Still good!

Of the ones I didn't do, I'll carry a few over to next years list.  I'm not doing another Challenge as such but I've made a list of fun things I want to try this year.  I don't really do resolutions any more and there's SO MANY posts going around on them right now so I don't want to add to the clutter, but I'll give the list a look over in the near future and maybe share some things on here.

Did anyone else do our Challenge list?  How did it go?


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A trip to America - San Francisco

Here's the first round of pictures from Mother's and my trip to America in November.  Our first stop was San Francisco, a city I definitely fell for much more than I expected.  There was Alcatraz, Union Square, Pier 39 and of course a variety of awesome food.  Oreo ice cream mixed with sprinkles, in a choc nut cone?  Yes please.


Friday, 27 December 2013

A Scottish Secret Santa...

Before Christmas I took part in the Scottish Bloggers Network Secret Santa in order to find more bloggers closer to home.  I sent my gift to Catherine at Cat Hearts and got a lovely parcel from Alana at Alana Gets Healthy, who clearly had a good look at my blog and sent me a very suitable pile of goodies - wool and chocolates!  I've been knitting hats again lately after my friends started requesting them (I really must stop bragging about how I can knit in the round now, it's just making my project list grow!) so these pretty colours will come in handy for that.
Did anyone else take part in the swap?  Leave me you links below!